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Multitype Database Licensing Program

The Multitype Database Licensing Program (MDLP) is a province-wide program in which libraries pool funds to purchase access to electronic information resources: magazines, journals, newspapers, directories, reference books, and other information resources.

The Multitype Database Licensing Committee was created by the Multitype Library Board to administer the Multitype Database Licensing Program, including:
• managing province-wide licenses;
• creating standards for participation;
• selecting and evaluating new products;
• coordinating sector participation and funding; and
• providing public awareness and training.

Participants of the program include all ten public library systems, all K to 12 schools represented by the Ministry of Education, the two university library systems, libraries on the four campuses of Saskatchewan Polytechnic, several small colleges throughout the province, plus multiple special libraries, and the Provincial Library and Literacy Office (PLLO). Provincial Library and Literacy Office takes responsibility for the administration and coordination of the program.

MDLP Collection Policy and Structure

Committee Members

Post-Secondary Education Libraries
Robin Canham, Saskatchewan Polytechnic Saskatoon Campus

Jaclyn McLean, University of Saskatchewan

Barbara Nelke, University of Regina

Public Libraries
Beth Cote, Saskatoon Public Library

Cerys Gordon, Regina Public Library

Andrea Newland, Regina Public Library

Helen McCutcheon, Yorkton Public Library

Heather Walker, Chinook Library Region

School Libraries
Sherry Chase, Regina Catholic Schools

Bunston, Elgin, Ministry of Education

Anna Grumbly, Ministry of Education

Stephenie Leito Csada, Ministry of Education

Special Libraries
Pat Kolesar, Legislative Library

Michelle Giese, Legislative Library

Provincial Library
Barbara Bulat

Jack Ma

Last Updated November 2015