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Aug 25,2014 -

What the 'death of the library' means for the future of books

Aug 21,2014 -

Granite Geek: 3-D Printers Help Turn Libraries Into Makerspaces

Aug 20,2014 -

Halifax looks forward to the opening of its very own library of the future


Multitype Library Board

The Multitype Library Board was established under The Libraries Co-operation Act to facilitate the cooperative development of the multitype library system in Saskatchewan. It provides a forum for appointed representatives to meet and discuss ways in which libraries can cooperate to share resources and services. LEARN MORE

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Information related to literacy, lifelong learning and public libraries.

Did You Know

Saskatchewan eBooks Initiative
As recommended by the Multitype Library Board, the Ministry of Education, Provincial Library and Literacy Office, is providing $20,000 in each of the next three years to convert Saskatchewan books to accessible EPUB 3 format. Partners in the Multitype Database Licensing Program will be given access to a copy of each eBook title and a copy will be provided to National Network for Equitable Library Service. This project will boost the Saskatchewan content in our libraries.